I have been working for some time now on my Spiritual Blog.  I believe this can be a blessing to so many lives who need to hear about the love of God.  My only purpose is to motivate, encourage, help, and most importantly, tell the world about Jesus. “One word can change a person’s day around, but God can change a person’s life around.”

So now, I ask you to help me and support me. After you read a few of my posts, it would be a great honor and it would mean the world to me if you became a subscriber. You will get an e-Mail notification every time I make a post.  If you read a post that you feel can help someone you know, you can send them the link to that particular post.  To subscribe, go to the bottom of the blog, and at the bottom, you will see a box that says “Follow Blog via e-Mail”  Click there, type in your e-Mail, and you are finished in just a moment after you register.  You will be on my list from that point forward.

I invite you to check out the posts I have made so far. You can comment with your thoughts, as well.

Thank you in advance for your support. Please pray that each post can be a blessing to many people’s lives.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  May the Lord bless you greatly.

Much love,



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One thought on “About

  1. There are times when a thought may mean nothing to you but you put it on paper and trust that God gave it to you for a reason …..words mean things …words move things… a word can change things……John 1:1….”The Word”…..
    Keep going forward…in the book of Amos it says that in the last days there will be a lack of hearers of the Word..(we sometimes misquote it saying that there will be no bibles)….there will be Word but no one will want to hear it….may God have mercy on us….
    Run the good race…share the Word…help the lion lay with the lamb…

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